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If water is a concern and you are not sure if your water filter is really providing you with Clean Safe water, I would suggest visiting their website and seeing for yourself, just how effective this remarkable technology is. With the growing concern about chlorine and the associated effects from chlorine, minimising your exposure to chemicals would be a primary concern.

AquaSmarter appears to produce clean, safe water for your home, swimming pool, spa and where ever clean water is needed. AquaSmarter certainly appears to have a very Bright future.

I know because I’ve been one of their Very Satisfied Customers since 2004.

Written by Shelly Kostner - who has been using the AquaSmarter Ionizing Eggs to purify our water for over 5-years and only wish that more people could know about this remarkable technology.

Eco-Friendly Water Purification System

Welcome to the Alternative World of Pure Safe Chlorine Free Water.

Aquasamarter Applications - Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi, Water Treatment, Drinking Water, Fountains, Aquarium water purifications
Safe Chlorine Free Water Purification System Alternative
Safe Chlorine Free 'Ionizing' Water Purification Systems. Ionizing Capsules for all Fresh and Well Water Applications, safe chlorine free water conditioning alternative and Swimming Pools Maintenance, Swimming Pools water treatment, SPA water purification, Jacuzzi, Aquarium, Hot Tub, Fountain, Waterfall and Fish Tanks. Aquasmarter© is used to Purify Potable Water Application for Water Storage Tanks, Cisterns, Poultry, Fisheries, Livestock, Agriculture and Municipalities.

Reduce harsh chemicals, like chlorine, in your pool or spa use natural mineral purifiers from AquaSmarter Chlorine-Free Safe and Effective Chlorine Alternative for Natural Water Purification (eliminates) swimming pool care products and as a Safe and Effective alternative to using Chlorine and other Hazardous Chemicals for water purification.

AquaSmarter Global Authorized Distributors of AquaSmarter Submersible Ionizing Capsules are currently being distributed throughout 37+ Countries worldwide Since 1999. Built on a History of Success, AquaSmarter simply promotes the many advantages from using AquaSmarter Products in order to provide a Clean, Healthy, Safe water Environment.

Tens of thousands now enjoy the Benefits from our Ionizing Capsules every day and many more enjoy the benefits of using AquaSmarter for so many Applications.

Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi, Spa, Hot Tubs, Fountains, Water Purification, Bottled water, Water tanks, Aquariums, ponds, fish tanks and much more...

Water is not a renewable resource, it is finite. The water you use today is the same water that existed on the planet billions of years ago. Nature recycles its water supply; she doesn't generate itself from another source. Over two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered by water, however, only about 2.8 percent is fresh water. Only about 0.3 percent of the earth's total water supply is usable by humans. In the last decade, the earth's population increased by more than one billion people. The demand for fresh potable water is growing exponentially.

Our AquaSmarter Success was built from the "KISS Principal".

Our Mission is to provide the World with Pure, Clean, Healthy and Safe Water without the need for Chemicals or Electricity. The AquaSmarter Family of Products was designed to aide in the "Quality of Life" Providing our Customers with a Product that is "Easy to Use, Inexpensive and offers Remarkable Results." 

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