Controls the Growth of Algae, Aquarium Algae and Harmful Bacteria

Industrial, Commercial, Home Aquarium Fish Tanks and Ponds.

The AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsule is a revolutionary product for aquarium, fish tanks and ponds maintenance. The technology positively charges the water environment and significantly changes the process of maintaining a healthy aquarium. CareFree controls the growth of Algae and Harmful Bacteria into Aquarium, Ponds and Fish Tanks

AquaSmarter instantly neutralizes heavy metals and replaces the natural slime coating fish need in times of stress.

Algae on glass or acrylic has no chance against the AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsule. AquaSmarter provides a healthy beautiful environment for your fish, while dramatically reducing both Cost and Time in Aquarium Maintenance.

Algae, the bane of every aquarium keeper, has its way with every existing healthy aquatic habitat on the planet, whether it's your aquarium or the ocean. As difficult as it may be to understand, the presence of algae does not suggest that the aquarium is dirty. There is a safe way to completely stop or prevent algae growth.

The growth of algae is a result of the presence of light and nutrients in the water. Algae will normally begin its growth back into your aquarium within about three weeks of cleaning it and removing every speck of algae that resides there. Since you have cleaned away all existing algae, you have also removed competition for nutrients in the water that returning organisms will feed upon. However, with AquaSmarter Ionization Capsules you can control the return of algae to your aquarium.

Aquarium and Water Tank Clean and crystal water

Types of Algae

Already have algae in your aquarium, and need to get rid of it? Knowing the type of algae will help determine the cause and cure. Here are commonly seen algae types, and how to deal with them. For more information about a specific type, click on the link provided.

    * Brown, also known as Gravel or Silica algae. Common in new tanks, it will coat the tank in sheets, which are easily wiped off. It is usually harmless and will eventually go away as the tank matures.

    * Blue-Green, also known as Slime or Smear algae – Caused by excesses of nitrates and phosphates, this is actually not an algae at all. Instead it is a cyanobacteria. It can spread rapidly, and can cause considerable damage. Good water care will help, but if your water source has phosphates in it, you may have to use special treatments to remove the excess nutrients. Erythromycin is also effective against Blue-Green algae.

    * Red or Beard algae – This one is the toughest algae to get rid of, and usually appears on plants. A dip in weak bleach solution (5 to 10%) for a few minutes will often kill this algae.

    * Green, also known as Hair, Thread, or Spot algae – This is a normal healthy type of algae that every tank will most likely experience in some degree. As long as the tank is well cared for, it will not overgrow.

    * Green Water, also known as Algae Bloom – This is caused by growth of microscopic algae that are suspended in the water. It is one of the more frustrating types of algae to remove, as can't be wiped or scraped off like other algae. Generally water changes are not effective, as the remaining algae will quickly grow back. Use of a diatomic filter, or completely blocking all light for several days is usually necessary to conquer green water.

Placement of the capsule: anywhere in the flow ~ example in the filter house.

Capsule Size: The AquaSmarter Capsule is 3.5" and has been specifically designed to fit into any pool skimmer basket or Leaf Trap Baskets located around your Pool or close to a point of circulation as in the case of Water Tanks, Jacuzzi's or Aquariums.

Clean, Safe, Crystal Ponds Water Treatment

Carefree Water Purification & Treatment Installation:

The AquaSmarter System is placed close to a point of circulation in your aquarium or fountain system. Within 24 hours, these metals begin to dissolve and produce "Negatively" charged ions. These tiny little ions Reduces the need for Chlorine and other Chemicals. These little ions also attract Dust and Dirt particles like a magnet and drops them to the bottom of your aquarium, pond, fountain or fish tank.

Effective Life: Each AquaSmarter Ionic Capsule is guaranteed to last for twelve full months. Replace your Ionic Capsule every 12 months.

Circulation: Inadequate circulation generally caused by a clogged filter or shutting off the main drain adversely affects the condition of the water. Circulation is essential for good water conditions.

The AquaSmarter System virtually eliminates the need for Chlorine and any other type of Chemicals for Pools, Jacuzzi's and Water Fountains as long as water circulation is maintained. The AquaSmarter System leaves your Water Fountain and Aquarium Tank Perfectly Clean and Healthy.

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