A Heat-Free Cold-Pasteurization Method

Cold (Ionized) PasteurizationCold (Ionized) Pasteurization for Milk, Juices, etc.  Ion-Technology during this time, has been a completely effective Cold-Pasteurization Method. Ionization Technology has proven several advantages over traditional Heat-Pasteurization methods.

Raw 'non-Pasteurized' Milk after 10-days

Humans have been slaking their thirst and nourishing their bodies with raw milk as far back as ten thousand years ago. Raw milk is milk that retains its natural enzymes and antibodies and has been neither pasteurized nor homogenized. It is a rich source of fat soluble vitamins A and D, aids in the prevention of disease, contains beneficial bacteria and is undeniably delicious. Like any other food product, raw milk is perfectly safe when produced under humane and sanitary conditions. Grass fed cows which are allowed to graze on a clean dairy farm and are kept free of the scourge of growth hormones are healthy cows who give good milk. They have little need for antibiotics. Raw milk is difficult to obtain these days due to an oppressive dairy industry influenced regulatory environment that treats the consumption of raw milk as if it was a capital crime.  The modern dairy business is a multi-billion dollar industry built upon a rather elegantly simple commodity: milk. From this humble renewable resource, a host of profitable products are derived: ice cream, sauces, butter, yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, coffee and whipping creams, flavored milks, cottage cheese, sour cream and much more. There is a lot of revenue to be made in this industry. Unfortunately the pursuit of this revenue by large commercial dairy operations has led to practices that may be good for the corporate bottom line, but bad for the cows which must produce the milk and the consumers who drink it.

Advantages of Drinking ‘Raw Milk’

Raw milk consists of important enzymes that aid in assimilating the nutrients present in milk. Raw milk serves as one of the best sources for calcium consumption. One of the major raw milk drinking advantages is that it contains the beneficial bacteria, which otherwise get destroyed, when the milk undergoes pasteurization process. Read further to explore information about the benefits of raw milk.  How beneficial is raw milk can be understood by analyzing the loss that occurs, when the milk is pasteurized. Pasteurization destroys enzymes, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 and also it kills the beneficial bacteria.  Pasteurized milk is often associated with health problems like diarrhea, cramps, iron-deficiency anemia, cancer, skin rashes, osteoporosis and allergies etc. On the contrary, raw milk keeps you away from these health ailments.

New 'Ionized-Pasteurization' process

Since 1997, American and European studies have proved that the bacterium can survive pasteurization and the possible link between Crohn's disease and MAP, "Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis".

When Raw milk is actually spoiled, the smell will become quite unpleasant. Throughout History, humanity has relied on various culturing techniques, long before mechanical refrigeration or pasteurization.  Carmen’s family has been in the Milk Processing Business for many years.  It is known that Raw Milk will begin to “Sour” in ‘Room Temperature’ in just 24-hours and when Refrigerated, Raw Milk will Sour within just 3-Days .  Bio-Free Ionized (Cold Pasteurization) for Milk, Juice, etc is ready to replace a 140-year $Multi-Billion (Heat) Pasteurization process Industry.

Non-Refrigerated Raw (non-Pasteurized) Milk
Refrigerated Raw (non-Pasteurized) Milk (10-day Laboratory Testing)

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