Unlimited Source of Disinfectant Applications

Disinfectant IonSpray can be used on Small and Large Applications

IonSpray Since 1999, AquaSmarter™  Ionizing Capsules have Proven the Value of Submersible (Eggs and Capsules) Ionization Technology which Completely Eliminates, Controls and Prevents the Infestation of E.coli, Salmonella, Algae, Fungus, Mold, Mildew, Germs and a host of Microbiological Bacterium and Viral Organisms.

Certified Laboratory Test Results Testimonials:  What we also know, that in Concentrated forms as outlined below, our Customers can now afford a Powerful ‘Disinfectant’ against these Microbiological Organisms in the Form of a Powerful and Inexpensive ‘Disinfectant-Spray’.

The ‘Clear’ advantage of using 'IonSpray' Disinfectant Spray:  AqaSmarter-GC09 as compared to the Proportionate Volume which is made by simply Adding ordinary Tap-Water to our Ionizing Eggs or Capsules to a given Volume, will allow your Customers will also Appreciate the Benefit of a Device (Ionizing-Capsule) that will allow them the Additional Savings as compared to the Cost of the Transportation of a ‘Liquid’ (Disinfectant) that contains 99% Water. This amounts to a Considerable Savings when amortized over the period of 12-months.

There are virtually an Unlimited Source of Applications which are now using ‘Water-Based’ Disinfectants such as, Hospitals; Schools; Hotels; Factories; Nurseries (for Plant and Garden Fungus); Locker and Restrooms; Offices; Restaurants; Beauty Salons; Barber Shops and Thousands of Different Applications and especially of course, Your Home.

IonSpray can be used for both Small (Home) and Large (Industrial) Applications. AqaSmarter-GC09 now offers an Affordable, Safe and Effective, Permeable Disinfectant Spray that is both Very Easy to Make and Easy to Use…

Add 1-GoldenEgg (GE) per each Liter of Ordinary Tap Water and let stand for 48-hours before using.  For Industrial Strength Applications, leave standing for 15-20-minutes before wiping off.

or add 1-GoldenGenie Capsule (M150-GW) per each 5-gallons of Ordinary Tap Water and let stand for 48-hours before using. For Quick Sanitizing Applications, leave standing for only 20-seconds before wiping off. For Industrial Strength Applications, leave standing for 15-20-minutes before wiping off. New from the Sciences of AquaSmarter Submersible Ionizing Capsules…

AquaSmarter has further the Concept of providing a Concentrated Form of Disinfectant by means of Adding ‘Ordinary Tap-Water’ to our AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsules which now offers a Unique Advantage over anything available on the Market Today.

Considering the High-Cost of Shipping (Disinfectant) Chemicals in which most contain 99% Water and the amount of Plastic that is Compounding an Overwhelming Pollution Problem, has become a Very Expensive way to purchase a ‘Throw-away’ Product that is mostly Water. Whereas by Purchasing a Renewable Product that offers a full 12-month Disinfectant Capsule in the form of a (solid) Ionizing Ball and can Produce at least the Same consistency (Effective Results) as compared to our Potable-Water and Swimming Pool Applications, will only result as a Valuable Consideration and Benefit that offers a Considerable Savings for our Customers.

‘IonSpray’ was conceived as an Application to Disinfect Water over 30-years ago (most recently used in Costa Rica for over 10-years) and has since developed into a Viable and Very Practical Product currently being Distributed throughout 37-Countries Worldwide.


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