Take a Breath of 'FRESH' Air... The 'Clear' advantage of using IONMist

Ionically Rechargeable 'Refreshing' Spray

IonMist Water misting systems have proven to be more effective than conventional methods for outdoor cooling control. A conventional Air-Fan only temporarily relieves the uncomfortable feeling of being Hot but the sensation from AquaSmarter's Revolutionary 'Personal Ionized-Water Misting Spray' provides a Fresh-Cool feeling that lasts for hours. AquaSmarter's Quick-Mist-Spray can increase productivity with a Feeling of Fresh-Cool-Air both in a Hot indoor or outdoor conditions.

Dry Skin is a result of an under active or non productive sebaceous glands. With dry skin the oil glands either barely produce or do not produce at all enough oil to keep the skin naturally lubricated. Dry skin looks dull in appearance. In addition it may have a flaky look to it with dry patches at times. It tends to be itchy and sensitive. People with chronic dry skin have to hydrate their bodies by drinking a lot of water. And, it is suggested besides using moisturizing skin products people with this skin type should mist their faces with water to maintain its lubrication.

The AquaSmarter Ion-Mist Spray incorporates Ionized Water to quickly provide cooling through "flash evaporation". Use any specially designed mist Bottle that produces tiny water droplets. The AquaSmarter Ionized-Water Misting Spray can achieve Maximum Cooling Sensation without wetting or residual moisture. Ionized Water Droplets immediately reduces the surrounding air temperature and provides a Rapid Cooling sensation that can last for several hours. Use any type of Misting-Bottle that has a 1 2/3" neck-opening in order to place our Ionizing Egg inside the bottle.

Since our Ionizing Egg lasts for 12-Full Months (www.MyFirstGoldenEgg.com), you can Refill your Ionized Misting-Bottle as many times as you wish.

AquaSmarter Ionized-Water Misting Spray provides an Instant Cooling and Refreshing Sensation. AquaSmarter Ionized-Water Misting Spray offers one of the Fastest and Easiest way to provide a Quick-Cool Sensation whether you're Indoors or Outdoors. AquaSmarter Ionized-Water Misting Spray is Ideal for Sports, Boating, in the Office, on the Beach, Walking, Exercising or anywhere when you feel that 'It's Too Hot' Feeling.

Since 1999, AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsules has Proven the Diverse Applications of our Submersible (Eggs and Capsules) Ionization Technology which completely Eliminates, Controls and Prevents the Infestation of E.Coli, Salmonella, Algae, Fungus, Mold, Mildew, Germs and a host of Microbiological Bacterium and Viral Organisms.

What we also know, that in Concentrated forms as outlined below, our Customers can now afford a Powerful and Penetrating Ionized Water Refreshing Spray.

HOW ION-Mist Ionized-Water Misting Spray WORKS...

AquaSmarter-GC101 as compared to the Proportionate Volume which is made by simply Adding ordinary Tap-Water to our Ionizing-Capsules/Eggs to a given Volume, will allow our Customers will also Appreciate the Benefit of Ionized Water to provide a Cool-Refreshing Spray that will allow an Immediate Relief from the HEAT...

There are virtually an Unlimited Applications to use your AquaSmarter 'Misting' Spray.

AqaSmarter-GC101 now offers an Affordable, Safe and Effective, Permeable AquaSmarter 'Misting' Spray that is both Very Easy to Make and Easy to Use…

Humans are born in water

Like the Earth, the skin of the human face and body requires water to maintain health and wellness and to interface with its internal and external environments. Food, ingested through the face, cannot be digested without water, oxygen cannot be removed from air without water and the body cannot survive without water.

From the moment of birth, daily activity and environmental stresses cause your body to lose precious moisture through the skin, eyes and nasal passages. Medical practitioners call this "dehydration." While your body has defenses against dehydration (some bodies retain moisture better than others), proper watering is a daily, lifelong need.

Since most water on Earth is alkaline, your stomach is designed for mostly alkaline water. Before sending this water to your skin, your body acidifies it because skin repels alkaline water as a protection against bacteria, which prefer alkaline environments. Unfortunately, skin can lose water into the air quickly and often cannot replace it fast enough with internal water. AquaSmarter™ pure, natural, pH correct clean water for the skin is of immense benefit in external water replacement to counteract dehydration.

When the body is healthy, the face is beautiful. The essential link, the interface in this process, is always water...pure, natural and pH correct.

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