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Contacting AquasmarterWe respect your privacy.

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Our AquaSmarter Mission is to provide the World with Pure, Clean, Healthy and Safe Water without the need for Chemicals or Electricity. The AquaSmarter Family of Products was designed to aide in the "Quality of Life".


There are many ways you can contact us.

  By Mail
  615 Main St Ste 1623 Niagara Falls , NY 14301-1739
  By Phone
  Customer Service, Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm CST
Toll free phone - 1-866-421-8883
  By Electronic Mail
  For Orders: orders@AquaSmarter.us
For Customer Services and Sales: sales@AquaSmarter.us
For General Inquires: contact@AquaSmarter.us
  Using our Faq/Help

AquaSmarter™ Water Purification System is an innovation. As part of the human nature, being skeptical about everything new and knowing therefore that education it is an important factor to effectively overcome the users common questions and concerns we make available the answers. Find below the most common questions specific to the science of the AquaSmarter™ technology we collected during the past 8 years.

We have many Customers who have all types of Pools, including Vinyl, Fiberglass, Cement (Marcite), Plaster, Tile, Plastic and Wood.  The 'key' to maintaining a Beautiful AquaSmarter Pool is to keep your Filter Clean, Backwash regularly and keep your pH level close to 'Neutral' 6.8-7.2.

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