Warranty Policy

Ionization Water Purification Systems

AquaSmarter™ One Year Warranty Prorated Policy

One Year Prorata Warranty. AquaSmarter™ shall offer a full one year warranty with a prorated replacement of our products AquaSmarter™ shall Guarantee the life of our Ionizing Capsules for one full year from the date of purchase.

AquaSmarter™ Guarantees our Ionizing Capsules to remain effective for one full year from the date of purchase. AquaSmarter™ guarantees substantial elimination of Bacteria and Viruses for use in the following applications:

Our Ionizing Capsules Technology is designed for the semi-purification of drinking water. AquaSmarter™ Guarantees that any of our Ionizing Capsules product that fails to perform for a 12 month period from the date of shipment will be replaced on a prorated basis. The prorated value will be based on the current price of our Ionizing Capsules to replace the defective one. Shipping is the responsibility of the Customer.

The AquaSmarter™ warranty becomes null & void if any of the following conditions occur: Abuse or Physical Damage to the System/Capsule's; Improper Storage or Improper Use, or Improper Maintenance.

Please always carefully read and follow the Instructions provided before using any of our Products. 

The AquaSmarter Technology

The AquaSmarter™ Potable Water Well System performs at maximum efficiency, when all the data collection is accurate and conducted by a Certified or credible laboratory.  We at AquaSmarter™ require the results to be accurate in-order for us to design and build the AquaSmarter™ System according to each individual installation.  The AquaSmarter™ System has been proven to be successful at eliminating Bacteria, Viruses, Dust Particles, Heavy Metals, and deliver a quality of water that people have never experienced before.  We have been cleaning water for people to drink for the past seven years.  AquaSmarter™ System does not does not remove Chemicals.  In these cases we can work in conjunction with a Carbon Filtration System to remove the chemical before the AquaSmarter™ System ionizes the water.  The AquaSmarter™ Ionization Systems can be used in conjunction and provide a synergistic solution with other methods of sanitation including, chlorine, ozone ultraviolet and chemical systems for improved performance as a supplemental or dual stage method of sanitation.

The AquaSmarter™ System is the only system on the market today that can offer the cleaning and Conditioning of water with a residual life span of one year without the use of chemicals.  The AquaSmarter™ System will reduce the costs of cleaning and treating water in almost every category.  The AquaSmarter™ Team is a World Class Operation with a 7-Year Proven Technology.  Satisfaction and Quality are our Highest Priority in order to design and build a Water Conditioning Solution for almost any water related problem from inception to completion.

For Verification that our AquaSmarter™ H20-System has been Tested, “Safe for Human Consumption”, please refer to our EPA Est. Number (EPA Est Number: 075702-CRI-00) as well as our 6-year History with Flamingo Beach Community of Purified ‘AquaSmarter™’ Water every day.

AquaSmarter™ Potable Water Certification Number from the Country of Costa Rica, Ministerio de Salud de Costa Rica, Decreto: # 4582-06

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