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If water is a concern and you are not sure if your water filter is really providing you with Clean Safe water, I would suggest visiting their website and seeing for yourself, just how effective this remarkable technology is. With the growing concern about chlorine and the associated effects from chlorine, minimising your exposure to chemicals would be a primary concern.

AquaSmarter appears to produce clean, safe water for your home, swimming pool, spa and where ever clean water is needed. AquaSmarter certainly appears to have a very Bright future.

I know because I’ve been one of their Very Satisfied Customers since 2004.

Written by Shelly Kostner - who has been using the AquaSmarter Ionizing Eggs to purify our water for over 5-years and only wish that more people could know about this remarkable technology.

Eco-Friendly Water Purification System

Many have asked us, We answered

Aquasamarter Applications - Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi, Water Treatment, Drinking Water, Fountains, Aquarium water purifications
AquaSmarter™ Water Purification System is an innovation. As part of the human nature, being skeptical about everything new and knowing therefore that education it is an important factor to effectively overcome the users common questions and concerns we make available the answers. Find below the most common questions specific to the science of the AquaSmarter™ technology we collected during the past 8 years.

Most Common Questions and Answers

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AquaSmarter™ Water Purification System is an innovation.
Are you familiar with ceramic pools as being superior over cement pools?
Do you recommend that the pool water be replaced every year?
How can we eliminate Suntan and other Oils from our AquaSmarter™ Pool?
How can we Test for AquaSmarter™ Ionization?
How can we Test for Calcium in my Chlorine?
How do we convert to AquaSmarter™ from Baquacil, Bromine or a Salt (Chlorine) Generator?
How do we maintain a AquaSmarter Swimming Pool, Hot Tubs or Jacuzzi?
How do we Raise the pH of our water?
How does AquaSmart compare to Salt (Chlorine) Generators, 'Nature2' or 'Floatron'?
How does AquaSmarter™ compare with other forms of Water Treatment?
How does one ‘Test’ for Adequate Ionization?
How long do the balls last?
How to Install AquaSmarter on a Pool, Jacuzzi, Spa or Fountain:?
It's possible to create Alkaline Ionized water with the egg??
This system requires no electricity, right?
What are any negative aspects of your blue balls?
What chlorine does to your health? The danger of Chlorine:
What if our AquaSmarter™ Pool is Seasonal?
Where do we place your AquaSmarter™ Filters?
Will AquaSmarter™ Corrode or Stain my Pool?
Will we need to SHOCK our Pool or Jacuzzi?
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