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If water is a concern and you are not sure if your water filter is really providing you with Clean Safe water, I would suggest visiting their website and seeing for yourself, just how effective this remarkable technology is. With the growing concern about chlorine and the associated effects from chlorine, minimising your exposure to chemicals would be a primary concern.

AquaSmarter appears to produce clean, safe water for your home, swimming pool, spa and where ever clean water is needed. AquaSmarter certainly appears to have a very Bright future.

I know because I’ve been one of their Very Satisfied Customers since 2004.

Written by Shelly Kostner - who has been using the AquaSmarter Ionizing Eggs to purify our water for over 5-years and only wish that more people could know about this remarkable technology.

Eco-Friendly Water Purification System

Ionization Water Purification Systems

Aquasamarter Applications - Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi, Water Treatment, Drinking Water, Fountains, Aquarium water purifications
AquaSmarter.us Warranty Policy

AquaSmarter™ One Year Warranty Prorated Policy

One Year Prorata Warranty. AquaSmarter™ shall offer a full one year warranty with a prorated replacement of our products AquaSmarter™ shall Guarantee the life of our Ionizing Capsules for one full year from the date of purchase.

AquaSmarter™ Guarantees our Ionizing Capsules to remain effective for one full year from the date of purchase. AquaSmarter™ guarantees substantial elimination of Bacteria and Viruses for use in the following applications:

Our Ionizing Capsules Technology is designed for the semi-purification of drinking water. AquaSmarter™ Guarantees that any of our Ionizing Capsules product that fails to perform for a 12 month period from the date of shipment will be replaced on a prorated basis. The prorated value will be based on the current price of our Ionizing Capsules to replace the defective one. Shipping is the responsibility of the Customer.

The AquaSmarter™ warranty becomes null & void if any of the following conditions occur: Abuse or Physical Damage to the System/Capsule's; Improper Storage or Improper Use, or Improper Maintenance.

Please always carefully read and follow the Instructions provided before using any of our Products. 

The AquaSmarter Technology

The AquaSmarter™ Potable Water Well System performs at maximum efficiency, when all the data collection is accurate and conducted by a Certified or credible laboratory.  We at AquaSmarter™ require the results to be accurate in-order for us to design and build the AquaSmarter™ System according to each individual installation.  The AquaSmarter™ System has been proven to be successful at eliminating Bacteria, Viruses, Dust Particles, Heavy Metals, and deliver a quality of water that people have never experienced before.  We have been cleaning water for people to drink for the past seven years.  AquaSmarter™ System does not does not remove Chemicals.  In these cases we can work in conjunction with a Carbon Filtration System to remove the chemical before the AquaSmarter™ System ionizes the water.  The AquaSmarter™ Ionization Systems can be used in conjunction and provide a synergistic solution with other methods of sanitation including, chlorine, ozone ultraviolet and chemical systems for improved performance as a supplemental or dual stage method of sanitation.

The AquaSmarter™ System is the only system on the market today that can offer the cleaning and Conditioning of water with a residual life span of one year without the use of chemicals.  The AquaSmarter™ System will reduce the costs of cleaning and treating water in almost every category.  The AquaSmarter™ Team is a World Class Operation with a 7-Year Proven Technology.  Satisfaction and Quality are our Highest Priority in order to design and build a Water Conditioning Solution for almost any water related problem from inception to completion.

For Verification that our AquaSmarter™ H20-System has been Tested, “Safe for Human Consumption”, please refer to our EPA Est. Number (EPA Est Number: 075702-CRI-00) as well as our 6-year History with Flamingo Beach Community of Purified ‘AquaSmarter™’ Water every day.

AquaSmarter™ Potable Water Certification Number from the Country of Costa Rica, Ministerio de Salud de Costa Rica, Decreto: # 4582-06

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