My husband and I purchased our home with an outdoor pool 10 years ago. We both had always wanted a pool and were very excited about all the health benefits we would enjoy from swimming in our own backyard. Our family and friends loved coming over on summer weekends for a swim and a cookout.

However, over the past several years I have gradually developed a severe chemical sensitivity to the chlorine in our pool.

After repeated exposure to the chlorine in the pool, I began having severe skin reactions to the point where I can no longer swim in a chlorinated pool without developing a red, itchy rash. In addition, my two young nephews, ages 5 & 8, are now beginning to show signs of the same chlorine chemical sensitivities after swimming in our pool.

I knew there had to be another alternative to Chlorine that would enable us to continue swimming without the harmful side effects associated with the harsh chemicals we were using. I began doing research and after an extensive search,  I came to the conclusion that AquaSmarter seemed to be the healthiest alternative to other chemicals on the market.

I am anxiously looking forward to all the health benefits of swimming in a pool with crystal clear ionized water.

Sincerely,  Ruth Ann

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