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If water is a concern and you are not sure if your water filter is really providing you with Clean Safe water, I would suggest visiting their website and seeing for yourself, just how effective this remarkable technology is. With the growing concern about chlorine and the associated effects from chlorine, minimising your exposure to chemicals would be a primary concern.

AquaSmarter appears to produce clean, safe water for your home, swimming pool, spa and where ever clean water is needed. AquaSmarter certainly appears to have a very Bright future.

I know because I’ve been one of their Very Satisfied Customers since 2004.

Written by Shelly Kostner - who has been using the AquaSmarter Ionizing Eggs to purify our water for over 5-years and only wish that more people could know about this remarkable technology.

Eco-Friendly Water Purification System

AquaSmarter, The Quality of Life

Aquasamarter Applications - Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi, Water Treatment, Drinking Water, Fountains, Aquarium water purifications
Our Mission is to provide the World with Pure, Clean, Healthy and Safe Water without the need for Chemicals or Electricity. The AquaSmarter Family of Products was designed to aide in the "Quality of Life".

Below you will find useful articles about our Submersible 'Ionizing' Water Purification Capsule, chlorine health issues for their WATER TANKS, POOLS, JACUZZI'S, FOUNTAINS, AQUARIUMS, DIESEL FUEL and more...

Risks of Chlorinated Water

Safe Drinking Water: A Public Health Challenge
Disinfection of drinking water through processes including filtration and chlorination was one of the major achievements of public health, beginning in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. Chloroform and other chlorination disinfection by-products (CBPs) in drinking water were first reported in 1974. Chloroform and several other CBPs are known to cause cancer in experimental animals, and there is growing epidemiologic evidence of a causal role for CBPs in human cancer, particularly for bladder cancer.
Ozone Exposure in Swimming Pools - Pulmonary Epithelial Integrity in Children
Pulmonary Epithelial Integrity in Children - Relationship to Ambient Ozone Exposure and Swimming Pool Attendance
Pool chlorine, atopy and the risk of asthma in children
The recently proposed chlorine hypothesis postulates that childhood asthma rise could be linked to the increasing attendance of chlorinated pools by increasingly younger children. The culprit would be trichloramine, an irritant gas building up in the air of indoor chlorinated pools. To further test this hypothesis, we have explored the relationships between asthma, atopy and cumulated pool attendance (CPA) in 342 children (10-12 yr), 90% of them having attended the same pool in Brussels (trichloramine in air, 0.3-0.5 mg/m3).
Swimming pool water Genotoxicoloty
Swimming pool water fractionation and genotoxicological characterization of organic constituents. Swimming pool water treatment in general includes flocculation, sand filtration, and subsequent disinfection with chlorine. The continuous chlorination and input of organic material by bathers in combination with recirculation of the pool water leads to an accumulation of disinfection by-products (DBPs) in the water. Several DBPs have been identified as human carcinogens and are thought to cause allergic asthma. Therefore, the elimination of DBPs is one major aim of pool water treatment.
Copper "fix"
Cooper is the third most abundant mineral in the human body and is essential for normal body function.
Chlorine and Biofilm

Attachment as a Factor in protection of Enterobacter cloacae from chlorination. Chlorine and Biofilm

Chlorine and Cancer
The addition of chlorine to our drinking water began in the late 1800s and by 1904 was the standard in water treatment, and for the most part remains so today. We don’t use chlorine because it’s the safest or even the most effective means of disinfection, we use it because it is the cheapest. In spite of all our technological advances, we essentially still pour bleach in our water before we drink it. The long term effects of chlorinated drinking water have just recently being recognized. According to the U.S. Council Of Environmental Quality, “Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.”
Chloramine Facts
Citizens Concerned About Chloramine:
Definitions and Information, Characteristics of Chloramine, Inadequate Studies, Effects of Chloramine on Human Health, Filtration, Misleading Statements from the SFPUC, Business Effects, Plumbing Problems and Some Implications for Health, Environmental Effects and CCAC Recommendations
Bladder Cancer and Exposure to Water Disinfection By-Products through Ingestion, Bathing, Showering, and Swimming in Pools
American Journal of Epidemiology Advance Access
Bladder Cancer and Exposure to Water Disinfection By-Products through Ingestion, Bathing, Showering, and Swimming in Pools
Canada to prune Chlorine Use


Canada to prune chlorine use - chlorinated chemicals may be further restricted or banned - Brief Article
Health Hazards of Chlorine in Water
"The drinking of chlorinated water has finally been officially linked to an increased incidence of colon cancer. An epidemiologist at Oak Ridge Associated Universities completed a study of colon cancer victims and non-cancer patients and concluded that the drinking of chlorinated water for 15 years or more was conducive to a high rate of colon cancer."
Take Care of the Lungs
Chlorine in Swimming Pools Cause Damaging Effects to the Lungs. Brussels EFE Chlorine inhalation causes lung damage to children and can develop allergies and asthma, and Cancer according to a Belgium research study. The Inform establishes for the first time, a direct relation between chlorine use o disinfect swimming pools and the lungs of children who frequent them.
Swimming in chlorinated pools can lead to cancer
AFP - Swimming in chlorinated pools can cause an increased risk of cancer in bathers, Spanish researchers said on Monday.

Researchers from the Barcelona-based Centre of Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) and Research Institute Hospital del Mar studied changes in indicators of mutagenicity -- permanent mutation of the DNA -- among a group of swimmers in an indoor chlorinated pool. "The evidence of genotoxic effects were observed in 49 healthy adults after swimming for 40 minutes in a chlorinated indoor pool," CREAL said in a statement on Monday. Researchers found indicators of an increase in cancer risk in healthy subjects as well as potential respiratory effects from the cholorine used as a disinfectant, the statement said. The study was published on Sunday in the US journal Environmental Health Perspectives.
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Wisconsin Department of Health ServicesWisconsin Department of Health Services
Cancer: Chloroform is suspected of causing cancer. Liver and kidney tumors have been reported in laboratory animals. Any exposure to a cancer-causing chemical may increase your risk of developing cancer.

Reproductive Effects: The reproductive and developmental effects of chloroform are not known. However, chloroform can enter the bloodstream of a developing baby.

Water: The state groundwater standard for chloroform is 6 parts per billion (ppb). The state and federal drinking water standard for total trihalomethanes in chlorinated, municipal drinking water supplies is 100 ppb. We suggest you stop drinking water that contains more than the standard for your water supply. If levels of chloroform or trihalomethanes are very high in your water, you may also need to avoid washing, bathing, or using the water for other purposes. Contact your local public health agency for more information specific to your situation.

Chlorine is "Very Explosive"
Google:  Chlorine Explosion:
5-Children were admitted to the hospital emergency room in respiratory distress after an accidental explosion involving chlorinating agents for the swimming pool.
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From: Paul Mosely
This is the exact circumstances. I lived in a condominium community in 1984  that had an Olympic size swimming pool. The association approached me to see if I would take over the handling of the pool care as they had heard from other sources I was very good at this. I did not have time but told them I would train someone to do the job if they liked. They chose a young navy man and we immediately struck up a friendship that lasted for years. They were ordering chlorine from several companies (not a good idea) and storing them in the same room. The chlorine was granular (against my recommendations).  The young man (again against my recommendations) was mixing the powder with water before throwing it into the pool. One bucket was empty and he filled the remaining chlorine needed from another bucket. I don't remember the exact chlorines but both were granular. When he put the water in the bucket to mix it the bucket became very hot instantly and he threw it down and ran.   (I had cautioned him several times about any changes in chlorine to immediately get away from it).  My home was around two blocks from the resulting explosion and it shook my house. It sounded like two or three stick of dynamite had gone off. He did not do that again and fortunately no one was in the pool area except him. Paul

Swimming Pool Chlorine Explosions
Google:  15,100 - Pool Chlorine Explosion

A passenger vehicle carrying a family of five erupted into flames. The cause was listed as a half-full box of pool chemicals. The Task Force also reviewed a fire investigation report provided by the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office of a fire that resulted in fatalities when a passenger vehicle carrying a family of five erupted into flames as it was being driven along a highway. The cause was listed as a half-full box of pool chemicals.
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Explosion Rocks Manchester Pool Supply Center
MANCHESTER (AP) -- Dozens of homes were evacuated Thursday after an explosion at a pool supply company sent plumes of chlorine-filled smoke into the sky.  Officials are worried that there will be chemical runoff into the Hackanum River and are concerned with what people are breathing...  The warning was prompted by three separate incidents last week involving pool owners who risked exposing themselves and others to toxic fumes, fire and explosion by dangerously mixing or improperly handling pool chemicals.
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Forty-eight people were taken to hospital after inhaling chlorine gas from a chemical leak in the swimming pool. It is believed that hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochloride were accidentally pumped into the wrong tank during a routine delivery of cleansing chemicals. Officials are preparing a report which it is believed could result in criminal charges focusing on pool staff, management and the lorry driver who delivered the chemicals.
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Salt Water Pool Risks

Myths, Maintenance & Problems About Salt Water Pools
Since salt water pools produce chlorine, the sanitizing effectiveness of the system is affected by sunlight, rainfall, bather load, phosphate levels, temperature and calcium buildup. Changes in any of these conditions can lead to an algae bloom and require additional ‘shocking’ of the water.
Salt Chlorine Generators - Turning Your Pool into a Chlorine and Caustic Chemical Factory!
The reasons why salt systems are coming under a lot of criticism lately: the expensive high amperage process of creating pure concentrated chlorine in its acid form in a pool’s return line has come under critical review quite a bit in recent studies. There are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation in the marketing of these corrosive systems.
Salt Chlorinator Disclaimer
In making the decision to purchase a salt chlorination system, it is necessary to consider certain facts. First, salt does not eliminate the need for chlorine. The salt cell actually ionizes the salt to produce chlorine. This is accomplished by maintaining the appropriate salt levels and by running the pool filter for the necessary amount of time based on the gallons of water in your pool. Second, the cell must be maintained and cleaned regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure optimum performance of the system.
Corrosion blamed on salt-water pools
The backyard pool is one of the true joys of a North Texas summer. And as many as 65 percent of new pools are built with salt-water filtration systems. But a growing number of families say the salt is corroding parts of their prized pools.
Saltwater Banned in Swimming Pools
SANTA CLARITA - Swimming pools that utilize salt rather than chlorine were banned Wednesday in Santa Clarita, where concern is growing that salts are polluting freshwater supplies.
Salt Water Pool Ordinance Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
Salt Water Pool Ordinance Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County.
On November 9, 2005, an ordinance was enacted in the Santa Clarita Valley making it illegal for
swimming pools connected to the sewer system to be converted to saltwater pools. The ordinance also made it illegal for both new and existing saltwater pools to be connected to the sewer system.
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